About Dr. Sayah


Dr. David Sayah is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a cutting edge boutique approach towards patient care. His philosophy towards attaining a more beautiful and youthful life is a complete one involving diet, exercise, preventive healthcare and skincare. He has many significant exclusive affiliations. Centre Epiderme, his medical skincare facility, is located at a. Frédéric Fekkai’s Salon and Spa in Beverly Hills. He has partnered with well-known fitness facilities in Los Angeles and has relationships with the finest hotels and stores in the city. His staff address all patient needs including travel arrangements, hotel reservations, shopping, nutritional concerns, and individualized athletic training.

Molding the Surgeon

Dr. Sayah has a distinguished academic career. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry at UCLA with numerous honors. Remaining at the UCLA School of Medicine, he graduated among the top of his class with an honors thesis in surgery. He was asked to deliver the prestigious "Hippocratic Speech" at graduation. Dr. Sayah then specialized in General Surgery at the NYU Medical Center with extensive experience in trauma and critical care. He completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training at the UCLA Medical Center, the premier plastic surgery training program in the US. Endoscopic plastic surgery became his forte after a fellowship in this highly specialized field.

Dr. Sayah is a staff member of UCLA, Saint John's, and Cedars Sinai Hospitals. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

The Cutting Edge

He has performed extensive research in the field of wound healing and scar formation. Dr. Sayah developed the apoptosis model for abnormal scar formation, and continues to apply this knowledge in treating difficult scars. He uses cutting edge endoscopic techniques to minimize incisions and scars while shortening recovery time and maximizing results. He performs facelift tummy-tucks and breast implants through small hidden incisions. With the same approach, rather than just using BOTOX®, he has the ability to permanently disable facial muscles.

Not Just a Plastic Surgeon, an Artist

He is an oil painter and sculptor who practices medicine as a science and an art. Ethnic ideals of beauty are considered in procedure in order to achieve natural beauty. Instead of simple liposuction he performs liposculpture, makes lines and creases disappear with Restylane®, and sculpts a breast where there is none present after cancer.

He attracts international celebrity patients and press from all over the globe including London, Paris, Monaco, China, Japan, Russia, and Australia.

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