Dr. Sayah Testimonials

S. H.

I had "liposculpture" with Dr. Sayah on July 04. I had been searching for a doctor for many months and had not felt that I connected with anyone. I was referred to Dr. Sayah from another patient and another potential patient. I was weary about the potential issues that could arise from this surgery but looking for a solution to what I felt was a deformity.

I met his front office staff and was warmly & personally welcomed versus other "who's next" mentalities. Trust me the office staff is very important. We talked at length and he did an examination and then he asked if I would come back to visit a few times before my surgery so we could get to know each other and address any future questions. That style and warmth put my stress at ease and allowed me to review the surgery, the details, etc., with the faith that he was the doctor for me.

The surgery was complete without any issues... I was so excited prior to the surgery itself, which was a first-time emotion for me when dealing with this personal issue.

Dr. Sayah called me that afternoon and evening of the surgery to check on me and continued to make multiple calls over the weekend at my friend's house where I was staying. Dr. Sayah even spoke to my friend to check on me as well. I felt like I was his only patient and that is a feeling you want in your surgeon. I had not felt Dr. Sayah's confidence or attention at any other surgeon's offices.

Follow-up was frequent, the calls continued and the support and caring was overwhelming. It truly helped my recovery and allowed me to actually enjoy the transformation process. Everything that he said would happen or I would feel was exact and not under estimated or overdramatic.

I am beyond happy with the results and they are better than what I expected. I feel great--look great! I wish I had done this years ago but am glad that I have at this time in my life.

I would emphatically recommend Dr. Sayah for every minor and major surgery possible and have begged him to be my general practitioner!

If you would like to speak with them about my experience, I would be happy to help you through this process, as I am paying forward what was provided to me by one of his patients.

D. D.

Dec. 29th 2004

Beginning August 2004 I had liposuction of my tummy and flanks with Dr. Sayah. First of all I want to say I only had to take Tylenol One time. The day of my surgery friends came by to visit and could not believe how bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I was. I was completely happy with the results. It was a bit uncomfortable only because it was summertime and having to wear a garment 24 hours a day, and it was quite hot That really was the worst of it...I have had liposuction a few times and always bruised a lot but this time there was hardly any bruising How did that happen? Any other surgery I will do in the future will be with Dr. Sayah...I have complete confidence in him...He is also highly ethical and will not compromise from what he feels is right. Dr. Sayah's staff is very warm and friendly.

D. Z.

Dear Dr. Sayah:

As one of your patients who suffered a very traumatic and life altering injury to my left hand and wrist a most hearfelt thank you! From the moment I was introduced to you before my surgery you assured me that you would do everything possible through both the surgery and your ongoing support after surgery to help me recover. Your confidence and reassurance has helped carry me through my recovery.

Your skill and attention to detail throughout my experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. You have always taken the time to explain to me what was happening and what to expect. Your staff has been supportive, helpful and most accommodating as well, always there to answer questions and be of assistance. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me.


Three months before my wedding I decided that I had to get a rhinoplasty or I would never do it. I had been wanting to "fix" my nose for as long as I can remember but was always afraid that a doctor might accidentally make me look worse. I was referred to Dr. Sayah and that's when I had hope that my dreams would actually come true…

I was a nervous wreck; after all, my wedding was three months away!! Dr. Sayah calmed me down with his caring tone and reassuring demeanor. He listened to my concerns, asked for my opinion and then offered his own. He was just as concerned about making my new nose perfect as I was. He explained the whole procedure, made sure all my questions were answered, and took care of me as if I was his only patient. His confidence, experience, and honesty gained my trust and reassured me that I was in good hands.

The surgery went well. When I awoke, aside from pressure, I did not feel any pain. I was back at work after four days. My bruising was minimal. I looked like I had a thick line of eye liner on each of my eyelids and a bit of bruising under my eyes which went away within two weeks. Dr. Sayah did not "pack" my nose as some other doctors do, which reduced my post-surgical pain and trauma as others have described to be more painful than the actual surgery.

Dr. Sayah's staff is very professional and make sure that every client's case remains confidential. They are friendly and accommodating and always greet me by name. Every patient is treated as an individual and made comfortable while under their care.

Needless to say, I was very confident in my looks on my wedding day and didn't even think twice about my profile. Dr. Sayah gave me a reason to smile. My nose looks so natural that many people cannot even tell I had it done. Every day it looks better and better! I am very happy with my results and couldn't recommend a better doctor for the job!

Thank you Dr. Sayah!!


I find it hard to believe it is only two weeks since you operated on me. As you know I was a reluctant patient having had to have an accident to decide not only to "fix" my nose but have a lift at the same time. I am so grateful to my friend who recommended I see you. I have just come from a gathering of old friends , which I had been very nervous about, so afraid I would see a pained look; that "what has she done" expression.

Instead I was overwhelmed with the positive response. There was no coyness, I just looked dare I say it, so good...the reaction was so supportive and admiring. Again after only two weeks.

As I told you the first few days recovery were really difficult and trying, mostly because my energy was completely sapped and there was the anxiety I would never "be myself", andall sorts of complicated feelings about "elective surgery. Well now I am myself, , and while what's on the inside counts, this outside looks pretty brilliant, you are indeed an artist. Thank you,




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